March Ops. Report

MARCH 2017


 A Word from the Founder...


A slower month, March still saw a great deal of operational developments. In addition to new destinations, the Boeing 717-200 celebrated it's first full month of operations with the company. In addition, a new information series was launch; Wing Tips. The goal of the Wing Tips series is to educate simmers on real-world aviation topics. This service is provided completely free of charge for current VVA Members!

As we move into April, members can expect a greater focus on Membership communication and interaction. The VA was fully integrated into the vaCentral System over the month of March. vaCentral provides VA ranking and information for hundreds of Virtual Airlines across the globe. Rankings are based on VA Membership, Monthly Flights, and Landing Rates. Although only just integrating, ValuJet Virtual ranked in the Top 50 of all Active Virtual Airlines (220+ VA's). We are honored to be ranked so well, so early. This is a testament to Member participation and dedication. Let's go for Top 10!


Two new destinations are joining the ever-growing VVA route system. These two new communities are Port Columbus, Ohio (KCMH) and Newport News, Virginia (KPHF). We have decided to downgrade the Las Vegas, NV Crew Base to a Focus City. This decision was made based on overall Base activity and Membership. Members should see the necessary website changes to reflect the move over the next couple of weeks. 


The ValuJet Virtual Organization is actively pursuing options for sustainable growth Regionally, Domestically, and Internationally. This should provide more depth for members seeking a more extensive experience. There have been several meetings with Regional and International carriers over the past few weeks. A formal announcement is expected to be made this month. 


Blue Skies,

Michael Crane, VJA0002 





Total Members: 9

Active Members: 7

Inactive Members: 2

 Total Monthly Flights: 21



Crew Base Totals



Pilots: 9

Total Flights: 21


Operations & Financials

Aircraft Totals:

Boeing 737-642

11 Active

0 Inactive

Boeing 737-842

22 Active

0 Inactive 


Boeing 717-200 

5 Active 

2 Inactive



Top 10 Routes (Descending Order):












Financials (simulated)


Revenue: $365,790

Pilot Pay: ($1,125.70)

Fuel: ($137,150.40)

Profit: $227,513.90

Posted By: Michael Crane (2017-04-03 16:36:22)