Welcome to the ValuJet Virtual Airlines Pilot Recruiting Center

Position - Part 121 Pilot
Department - Flight Operations
Requirements - Crew Member Exam & VATSIM ID
Status - Vacant

Launch your career with ValuJet by following the steps below…
1. Review the VVA Member Handbook
2. Click "Start Application Process" below.
3. Complete the VVA Crew Member Exam
4. Allow 24-48 hours for application processing
5. You will be assigned a Crew Member ID and Pilot Rank
6. Upon receiving a VVA Membership, you will be contacted by the Member Services Department
7. Download the VVA Fleet & ACARS program in the downloads section

Test Information:

Number of Questions: 15
Time per Question: 300 seconds
Required Percentage to Pass: 75%
Days Blocked (if failed exam): 1 days

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