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ValuJet Virtual Airlines honors the lives that were lost on-board ValuJet Airlines Flight 592 on May 11, 1996. Formed as a tribute to the victims, their families, and former employees, ValuJet Virtual simulates the historic real-world operations of ValuJet from 1993 to 1997. With a focus on historic accuracy, the ValuJet Virtual team has replicated the original timetables, fleet, and core competencies of the former real-world airline. In addition to historic operations, the ValuJet Virtual team has developed a modern fleet and route structure, to simulate as if ValuJet had continued to operate into the present. This modern option is for members that prefer an evolving operation with room to grow. So whether you prefer a nostalgic step back in time, or a new and dynamic simulation experience, ValuJet Virtual would like to invite you to join our growing team. Apply today and enter into an immersive experience as a ValuJet Crew Member!

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Recent Arrivals

Flight Number Departure Arrival Pilot Duration
VJA5214FKATLKMCORick Hirsch01.06
VJA4389ACYULKIADDean Moore01.33
VJA4388KIADCYULDean Moore01.18
VJA1775AKFLLKATLRick Hirsch01.22
VJA604BR516KRDUKIADDean Moore00.47